Imagine this; you're about to leave home for a busy day. You take your coat off the hanger and step outside. You're ready to go anywhere and you did not forget anything.

BOLT POWERPARKA was especially designed for urban professionals who live flexible lifestyles. We wanted to create a product that makes your digital life easier. BOLT POWERPARKA is a parka that does more than shield you from the elements. It has pockets large enough to fit all of your devices, up to a 15" laptop. The parka is equipped with two powerful batteries that will supply all or your devices with energy. You can charge them while on the go. The parka is equipped with two bright LED lights to make you well visible. The inside of the Parka is lined with a unique harness that distributes weight evenly across your torso for a comfortable wear of your precious cargo. The high-quality fabric is durable and waterproof. The generous hood and snow-inspired cuffs will make sure you are comfortable, even under harsh circumstances.

BOLT POWERPARKA is timeless. An updated classic with a clean appearance.





BOLT POWERPARKA is equipped with two powerfull lithium-ion batteries. These batteries combined, pack enough power for about 20 full smartphone charges. At home the parka can be charged on the charger which double-functions as a coathanger. Induction charging makes cables history. Just hang the parka on the charger and it will automatically start charging. In case you're not at home, and would still like to charge the parka, there is always an option to charge it via USB.



BOLT POWERPARKA is fitted with bright LED lights to make sure you are properly visible at night. The LED lights also function as indicators of the charging process. Telling you when the jacket is about to run out of battery life, when it's charging, and when the charging cycle is complete.


the spine

BOLT POWERPARKA is lined with a harness to help distribute the weight of your cargo across your torso. The spine is adjustable in height to ensure a comfortable fit for every body. The spine is made out of a flexible foam that protects your laptop. 3D mesh padding make sure your back is well-ventilated and prevents perspiration. The spine can be secured to your torso using a cheststrap. The batteries are attatched to the chest-side of the spine to function as a counter-balance for the weight of your laptop.



BOLT POWERPARKA holds a waterproof compartment on the back. The compartment zips shut, then the flap folds down creating a waterproof 'fold' similar to drybags. The flap is held in position with velcro. Inside the laptop compartment you will find a simplistic laptop sleeve to help carry your laptop and laptop charger.