BOLT POWERPARKA is equipped with two powerfull lithium ion batteries. These batteries combined, pack enough power for about 20 full smartphone charges. At home the parka can be charged on the charger which double-functions as a coathanger. Induction charging makes cables history. Just hang the parka on the charger and it will automatically start charging. In case you're not at home, but would still like to charge the parka, there is always an option to charge it via USB.

Bolt is fitted with bright LED lights to make sure you are visible at night. The LED lights also function as indicators of the charging process. Telling you when the jacket is about to run out of battery life, when it's charging, and when the charging cycle is complete.

Feel like listening to some tunes, or want to have a phone conversation while on the go? Plug in your headphones and BOLT will automatically pair with your smartphone.

All those precious items in one garment. In case you lose it, there is always a possibility to track it down using the built-in GPS tracker.